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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bill Bissett, 28 books
Tremblay, Michel, 24 books
Michel Tremblay, 22 books
George Ryga, 18 books
Morris Panych, 13 books
George Bowering, 13 books
Frank Davey, 11 books
Drew Hayden Taylor, 10 books
David Fennario, 10 books
Jerry Wasserman, 8 books
French, David, 8 books
Wendy Lill, 8 books
James Reaney, 7 books
Guillermo Verdecchia, 7 books
George F. Walker, 7 books
Michel Marc Bouchard, 7 books
Mary Meigs, 6 books
Fred A. Reed, 6 books
Adeena Karasick, 6 books
Ken Norris, 6 books
Nichol, B. P., 6 books
Brian Fawcett, 6 books
Fred Wah, 6 books
Sally Clark, 6 books
Jovette Marchessault, 5 books

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