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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Morris Panych, 5 books
Robert Chafe, 3 books
Dave Carley, 3 books
Michel Tremblay, 3 books
Vern Thiessen, 3 books
Guillermo Verdecchia, 3 books
Kit Brennan, 3 books
Norm Foster, 2 books
Mieko Ouchi, 2 books
Alex Poch-Goldin, 2 books
John Mighton, 2 books
Tremblay, Michel, 2 books
Judith Thompson, 2 books
Rossi, Vittorio, 2 books
Bryden MacDonald, 2 books
Wendy Lill, 2 books
Brian Kennedy, 2 books
Daniel Brooks, 2 books
Daniel MacIvor, 2 books
Judith Thompson, 2 books
Annabel Soutar, 2 books
Olivier Choinière, 1 book
Jay Gamble, 1 book
Sherrill Grace, 1 book
Bruce Norris, 1 book


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