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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lee, Dennis, 14 books
Irving Layton, 14 books
A. J. M. Smith, 10 books
Patrick Lane, 10 books
Robert Lecker, 9 books
Raymond Souster, 9 books
John Robert Colombo, 9 books
Eli Mandel, 8 books
Louis Dudek, 8 books
Gary Geddes, 8 books
Lighthall, W. D., 8 books
Al Purdy, 8 books
Margaret Atwood, 8 books
Lynn Crosbie, 8 books
Earle Birney, 7 books
John William Garvin, 7 books
Lenore Langs, 7 books
Joe Blades, 7 books
George Bowering, 7 books
Bliss Carman, 6 books
Michael Gnarowski, 6 books
Dionne Brand, 6 books
George Woodcock, 6 books
Becky D. Alexander, 6 books
Ralph Gustafson, 6 books


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