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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ruth Bass, 9 books
Phyllis Hobson, 8 books
Cherry Hill, 6 books
Jennifer Storey Gillis, 6 books
Gail Damerow, 5 books
Garden Way Publishing, 5 books
Rhonda Hart Poe, 5 books
Judy Glattstein, 4 books
Lewis Hill, 4 books
Pat Stone, 4 books
Barbara Pleasant, 4 books
Audra Hendrickson, 3 books
Fisher, Joe, 3 books
Diana Delmar, 3 books
Sara Pitzer, 3 books
Karl F. Lutzen, 3 books
Miller, David G., 3 books
Monte Burch, 3 books
Paula Simmons, 3 books
Juliette Rogers, 2 books
Frank Kirkpatrick, 2 books
Louise Riotte, 2 books
John J. Mettler, 2 books
Betty Oppenheimer, 2 books
Gwen Steege, 2 books


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