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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
a, 35 books
Silver Burdett, 10 books
Osbourne McConathy, 9 books
Michel Cuisin, 8 books
Harlan H. Barrows, 7 books
Jon Mayled, 6 books
M. Eulalia Valeri, 6 books
Christiane Brusselmans, 6 books
Robert Lee Morton, 6 books
John Stidworthy, 6 books
Pat Hargreaves, 6 books
George G. Mallinson, 5 books
James Baldwin, 5 books
Paula Franklin, 4 books
Catherine Storr, 4 books
Herman F. Benthul, 4 books
Nila Banton Smith, 4 books
Grégoire Solotareff, 4 books
Miquel, Pierre, 4 books
Lisa Ann Marsoli, 4 books
C. A. R. Hills, 3 books
Julie Fitzpatrick, 3 books
Adam Whitmore, 3 books
Robert Lawrence, 3 books
James L. Mursell, 3 books

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