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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
David Zinczenko, 32 books
Rodale Press, 21 books
Arthur Agatston, 14 books
Prevention Health Books, 14 books
Liz Vaccariello, 13 books
Prevention (Firm : Emmaus, Pa.), 12 books
Betty Crocker, 10 books
Joey Green, 9 books
Cheryl Forberg R.D., 9 books
Joe Kita, 8 books
J. I. (Jerome Irving) Rodale, 8 books
Ben Hewitt, 8 books
Ann Fittante, 6 books
Selene Yeager, 6 books
David Joachim, 6 books
Al Gore, 6 books
Fern Marshall Bradley, 6 books
Nicholas A. DiNubile, 6 books
Stephen Perrine, 6 books
Eric Harr, 5 books
Devin Alexander, 5 books
Sally Roth, 5 books
n/a, 5 books
Prevention, 5 books
Neal D. Barnard, 5 books

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