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Robert Hale Ltd Publisher - 2,412 works / 71 ebooks

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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
John Dyson, 28 books
Elliot Conway, 27 books
Barbara Cartland, 24 books
Lee F. Gregson, 23 books
Philippa Wiat, 22 books
Elliot Long, 22 books
Victoria Holt, 22 books
Nicholas Rhea, 22 books
Alan Irwin, 21 books
L. D. Tetlow, 20 books
Vic J. Hanson, 20 books
Lance Howard, 18 books
Pamela Hill, 18 books
Billy Hall, 16 books
Terry Murphy, 15 books
Tex Larrigan, 15 books
Steven Gray, 15 books
Bret Rey, 15 books
Dan Claymaker, 14 books
Jake Douglas, 13 books
Clayton Nash, 13 books
Amy Sadler, 13 books
Corba Sunman, 12 books
Bill Wade, 12 books
Hank J. Kirby, 12 books


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