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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rigby, 716 books
Various, 369 books
RIGBY, 220 books
Randell, Beverley, 87 books
Various, 71 books
Jill Eggleton, 65 books
Annette Smith, 53 books
Jenny Giles, 47 books
David Drew, 46 books
Jo Windsor, 40 books
Pam Holden, 38 books
Colin Thiele, 31 books
Brenda Parkes, 30 books
Steck-Vaughn Company, 29 books
Carol Krueger, 29 books
Andrea Butler, 29 books
Lucy Lawrence, 28 books
Joy Cowley, 28 books
Tony Mitton, 27 books
Pauline Cartwright, 27 books
John Parker, 26 books
Monica Hughes , 26 books
Ron Bacon, 26 books
Alison Hawes, 25 books
Various, 25 books

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