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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gabriel Kuhn, 12 books
Josh MacPhee, 10 books
Staughton Lynd, 10 books
Rick Dakan, 8 books
Derrick Jensen, 8 books
Silvia Federici, 8 books
Andrej Grubacic, 8 books
Jacinta Bunnell, 7 books
Michael Moorcock, 7 books
George Katsiaficas, 7 books
Terry Bisson, 6 books
Matt Meyer, 6 books
Paul Buhle, 6 books
Alec Dunn, 6 books
Kenneth Wishnia, 6 books
Peter Marshall, 5 books
Clark, John P., 5 books
Marge Piercy, 5 books
John Holloway, 5 books
Ward Churchill, 5 books
C. L. R. James, 5 books
Staughton Lynd, 5 books
Gary Phillips, 5 books
Martin Bull, 4 books
King, John, 4 books

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