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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Kropotkin, 98 books
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin, 59 books
Errico Malatesta, 21 books
Rudolf Rocker, 18 books
Gustav Landauer, 18 books
Emma Goldman, 18 books
Clarence Darrow, 17 books
Max Nettlau, 16 books
Leo Tolstoy, 13 books
Daniel Guérin, 11 books
Alexander Berkman, 11 books
Rodrigues, Edgar., 11 books
George Woodcock, 10 books
Sébastien Faure, 10 books
Paul Avrich, 10 books
Luigi Galleani, 9 books
Murray Bookchin, 8 books
Bonanno, Alfredo Maria, 8 books
Read, Herbert Edward Sir, 7 books
Robert Graham, 6 books
Luigi Fabbri, 6 books
Díaz, Carlos, 6 books
Jean Grave, 6 books
Jeff Shantz, 6 books
James Joll, 6 books


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