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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Michael Connelly, 153 books
Robert Silverberg, 149 books
Michael Moorcock, 135 books
Ian Rankin, 116 books
E. C. Tubb, 101 books
Robert Ludlum, 97 books
Ron Klinger, 94 books
Michael Underwood, 92 books
Erica James, 89 books
Philip K. Dick, 86 books
Shannon, Dell, 85 books
Maureen Lee, 81 books
Ian Rankin, 79 books
Tami Hoag, 78 books
Paul Anderson, 78 books
James Hadley Chase, 77 books
John D. MacDonald, 75 books
Lilian Harry, 72 books
Robert Crais, 71 books
Tanith Lee, 69 books
James Lee Burke, 67 books
Miss Read, 67 books
Francesca Simon, 64 books
Elmore Leonard, 64 books
Harry Turtledove, 62 books

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