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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Charles Darwin, 36 books
Walt Whitman, 21 books
Ian Shapiro, 17 books
J. Roland Pennock, 14 books
Samuel Berder Rapport, 13 books
John William Chapman, 13 books
Peter N. Stearns, 12 books
Charles Babbage, 12 books
A. O. J. Cockshut, 11 books
Jules Backman, 9 books
Laurence J. Silberstein, 9 books
Sidney Hook, 9 books
Moshe Barasch, 9 books
Steven T. Katz, 9 books
Richard Delgado, 9 books
Robert John Clements, 8 books
Gerald Horne, 8 books
No name, 8 books
Judith Squires, 7 books
Andrew J. Pierre, 7 books
Jacobs, James B., 7 books
Schwartz, Bernard, 7 books
Peter H. Merkl, 7 books
Werner Sollors, 7 books
Milton Karl Munitz, 7 books

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