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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Mary Logue, 5 books
Neil Shepard, 4 books
Toni Mirosevich, 3 books
Tony Whedon, 2 books
Donald Morrill, 2 books
Jennifer O'Grady, 2 books
William Reichard, 2 books
Mary L. Tabor, 2 books
George Sorenson, 2 books
Allan Conan, 2 books
Hugh Gross, 2 books
Jeff Worley, 2 books
Lou Suarez, 2 books
Susan Jackson Rodgers, 1 book
Kathryn Kulpa, 1 book
Jean Harper, 1 book
Adam Sol, 1 book
Betsy Robinson, 1 book
Katherine Starke, 1 book
Margo Stever, 1 book
Alfred Corn, 1 book
Arthur M. Saltzman, 1 book
Dennis M. Clausen, 1 book
Lindsey Crittenden, 1 book
Julene Bair, 1 book


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