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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
HEASLIP P, 28 books
Enid Blyton, 18 books
Elisabeth Beresford, 12 books
Michael Hardcastle, 12 books
Ruth Manning-Sanders, 8 books
Harold Pinter, 8 books
Dorothy Edwards, 7 books
Helen Oxenbury, 7 books
Evelyn Waugh, 6 books
Donald Bisset, 6 books
Thelwell, 6 books
David Nobbs, 6 books
Sue Townsend, 6 books
William Shakespeare, 6 books
Wolfgang Ecke, 5 books
Christopher Isherwood, 5 books
Helen Piers, 5 books
Phil Redmond, 5 books
E&S, 5 books
Jilly Cooper, 5 books
Norman Thelwell, 5 books
Michael Holt, 4 books
Mabel Esther Allan, 4 books
Joanne Cole, 4 books
Gillian Baxter, 4 books


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