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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sylvia S. Mader, 33 books
Timothy J. O'Leary, 30 books
Linda I. O'Leary, 28 books
Elaine Kirn, 21 books
Tracy D. Terrell, 17 books
Kermit D. Larson, 17 books
Lewis, Ricki., 14 books
Raymond Chang, 14 books
Robert Thomas Smith, 14 books
William P. Cunningham, 14 books
Roger Kamien, 14 books
Edwin Wilson, 13 books
Michael Berman, 12 books
Raymond A. Barnett, 12 books
Graziana Lazzarino, 12 books
Alan Brinkley, 11 books
Brian K. Williams, 11 books
McGraw-Hill, 11 books
Alvin Goldfarb, 11 books
Mader, 11 books
Bill VanPatten, 11 books
Thomas P. Edmonds, 10 books
Campbell R. McConnell, 10 books
Barbara Woodworth Saigo, 10 books
James Streeter, 10 books


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