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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Janette Brand Miller, 12 books
Kaye Foster-Powell, 9 books
Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, 5 books
Jennie Brand-Miller, 5 books
Lawrence Durrell, 4 books
Aaron Kenedi, 4 books
Johanna Burani, 4 books
John Miller, 4 books
Albert Camus, 3 books
Holly Hughes, 3 books
William Kotzwinkle, 3 books
Stephen Colagiuri, 3 books
Lena Lenček, 3 books
Mary S. Mittelman, 2 books
Valerie Menard, 2 books
Clint Willis, 2 books
William Martin, 2 books
Paul Dong, 2 books
Gideon Bosker, 2 books
Charles Spezzano, 2 books
Richard Jackson, 1 book
J. Ruth Gendler, 1 book
Michael Feuerstein, 1 book
Philip Nobile, 1 book
Billy Bean, 1 book

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