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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Debbie Macomber, 89 books
Susan Wiggs, 40 books
Carla Neggers, 33 books
Heather Graham, 32 books
Robyn Carr, 32 books
Sherryl Woods, 30 books
Sharon Sala, 21 books
Maggie Shayne, 19 books
Kat Martin, 16 books
Alex Kava, 15 books
Anne Stuart, 15 books
Heather Graham, 15 books
Stephanie Bond, 13 books
Brenda Novak, 13 books
Jennifer Blake, 13 books
Diane Chamberlain, 13 books
Erica Spindler, 12 books
Emilie Richards, 11 books
Tara Taylor Quinn, 10 books
Stella Cameron, 10 books
Pamela Morsi, 10 books
Karen Harper, 10 books
Jennifer Armintrout, 10 books
Mary Alice Monroe, 9 books
Hank Phillippi Ryan, 9 books


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