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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Pendleton, 55 books
B. J. Daniels, 37 books
Alex Archer, 25 books
Carla Cassidy, 22 books
James Axler, 20 books
Marie Ferrarella, 18 books
Carla Neggers, 18 books
Kylie Brant, 16 books
Sharon Sala, 16 books
Delores Fossen, 15 books
Cindy Dees, 15 books
Suzanne Brockmann, 15 books
Dana Marton, 14 books
Debra Webb, 13 books
Jessica Andersen, 12 books
Joanna Wayne, 11 books
Mallory Kane, 11 books
RaeAnne Thayne, 10 books
Cassie Miles, 10 books
Heather Graham, 10 books
Rita Herron, 10 books
Elle James, 10 books
Brenda Novak, 9 books
Linda Conrad, 9 books
Loreth Anne White, 9 books


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