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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lonely Planet, 354 books
Lonely Planet Publications Staff, 212 books
Tony Wheeler, 58 books
Lonely Planet Publications, 47 books
Steve Fallon, 43 books
Andrea Schulte-Peevers, 37 books
Damien Simonis, 37 books
Lonely Planet Kids Staff, 36 books
Anthony Ham, 34 books
Catherine Le Nevez, 34 books
Damian Harper, 33 books
Lonely Planet Phrasebooks, 32 books
Simon Richmond, 31 books
Oliver Berry, 29 books
Joe Cummings, 28 books
Bradley Mayhew, 28 books
Geoff Crowther, 27 books
Ryan Ver Berkmoes, 27 books
Sara Benson, 25 books
Duncan Garwood, 24 books
Deanna Swaney, 23 books
Robert Storey, 22 books
Cristian Bonetto, 22 books
Rob Rachowiecki, 22 books
Paul Hellander, 22 books

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