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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gordon D. Shirreffs, 20 books
Marshall Grover, 17 books
Kathleen Treves, 13 books
Lee Floren, 12 books
Frank Gruber, 11 books
Fearn, John Russell, 9 books
Matt Chisholm, 8 books
Basil Copper, 7 books
Margaret Mounsdon, 7 books
Jonas Ward, 7 books
Bill Knox, 6 books
Ivy Preston, 6 books
Quenna Tilbury, 6 books
Chrissie Loveday, 6 books
Valerie Holmes, 6 books
Katrina Wright, 6 books
Teresa Ashby, 6 books
John Harvey, 5 books
Chester Allen, 5 books
Mary Raymond, 5 books
John Benteen, 5 books
Nan Herbert, 5 books
Roger Ormerod, 5 books
Miller, Jim, 5 books
Grace Richmond, 5 books


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