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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anonymous, 21 books
Isaac Asimov, 15 books
Ali Mitgutsch, 13 books
L. Marin, 12 books
Janosch, 12 books
Danielle Steel, 11 books
Gloria Fuertes, 10 books
Lolo Rico, 8 books
Walt Disney, 8 books
John Burningham, 7 books
Merce Company Gonzalez, 7 books
Maria Puncel, 7 books
Sanchez, 7 books
R. Pidal, 7 books
Mis Primeros Cuentos, 7 books
Rosa M. Cos, 7 books
S. Garcia, 6 books
Emilio Salas, 6 books
Philippe Dupasquier, 6 books
Cruz Blanco, 6 books
Jesus Herrero Pampliega, 6 books
Rod Campbell, 6 books
Tony Ross, 6 books
Enzo Angelucci, 6 books
Graham Greene, 5 books


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