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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
David Ewert, 6 books
Katie Funk Wiebe, 4 books
Esther Loewen Vogt, 3 books
Nan Doerksen, 2 books
Lorraine Dick, 2 books
Lynda T. Young, 2 books
John E. Toews, ed., 2 books
Ingrid Shelton, 2 books
Sarah Kaetler, 2 books
Larry Martens, 1 book
Marvin Hein, 1 book
Rose Johnson, 1 book
Herbert Giesbrecht, 1 book
Paul G. Hiebert, 1 book
Peter Penner, 1 book
A. J. Dueck, 1 book
Pat Van Nes, 1 book
Lenore Andres, 1 book
Frances Greaser, 1 book
Valerie Rempel, 1 book
Nancy Becker, 1 book
Jonathan J. Bonk, 1 book
Elsa Redekopp, 1 book
Deborah Yelinek, 1 book
Vel Priebe, 1 book

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