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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tamar Myers, 26 books
Kim Vogel Sawyer, 23 books
Nancy Mehl, 16 books
J. C. Wenger, 14 books
Calvin Wall Redekop, 12 books
Cornelius J. Dyck, 11 books
Donald B. Kraybill, 11 books
Katie Funk Wiebe, 11 books
Miriam Toews, 10 books
Harry Loewen, 10 books
C. Henry Smith, 9 books
Gerhard Roosen, 9 books
Menno Simons, 9 books
Frank H. Epp, 8 books
Harold Stauffer Bender, 8 books
John Howard Yoder, 8 books
Harold S. Bender, 8 books
John Andrew Hostetler, 8 books
Helmut T. Huebert, 8 books
John L. Ruth, 7 books
Suzanne Woods Fisher, 7 books
Myron S. Augsburger, 7 books
Lawrence Klippenstein, 6 books
Gerhard Lohrenz, 6 books
Dederich Navall, 6 books


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