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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Helen Exley, 299 books
Bill Stott, 32 books
Roland Fiddy, 28 books
Pam Brown, 19 books
Juliette Clarke, 18 books
Exley Publishing, 13 books
Sharron Bassin, 10 books
Susan Squellati Florence, 6 books
Mark Bryant, 5 books
Stuart Macfarlane, 4 books
Exley Gift Books, 4 books
Charlotte Gray, 3 books
Angela Kerr, 2 books
Richard Exley, 2 books
Rowan Barnes-Murphy, 2 books
Marcella Markham, 1 book
Claude Monet, 1 book
Bill Scott, 1 book
Jane Massey, 1 book
Elizabeth Cotton, 1 book
Lincoln Exley, 1 book
Linda Macfarlane, 1 book
Faith Hines, 1 book
Helen Exley Giftbooks, 1 book
Michael Emmett, 1 book


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