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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Meg Cabot, 41 books
Sara Shepard, 22 books
L. J. Smith, 22 books
Louise Rennison, 17 books
Sara Shepard, 15 books
Kiera Cass, 15 books
Victoria Aveyard, 14 books
Claudia Gray, 12 books
Rachel Hawthorne, 11 books
Alex Flinn, 11 books
Rachel Vail, 10 books
Susan Dennard, 10 books
Hailey Abbott, 9 books
Francesca Lia Block, 9 books
Katherine A. Applegate, 9 books
Diana Wynne Jones, 9 books
M. E. Kerr, 9 books
Catherine Clark, 8 books
Sophie Jordan, 8 books
Chris Lynch, 7 books
Stefan Petrucha, 7 books
Chris Crutcher, 7 books
Chris Lynch, 7 books
Madeleine Roux, 7 books
Judson Roberts, 6 books

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