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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stevenson, James, 75 books
Kevin Henkes, 53 books
Jack Prelutsky, 44 books
Tana Hoban, 43 books
Herman Parish, 39 books
Holly Keller, 38 books
Pat Hutchins, 36 books
Diana Wynne Jones, 33 books
Judith Caseley, 32 books
Sid Fleischman, 32 books
Jessie Haas, 25 books
Anna Grossnickle Hines, 23 books
George W. B. Shannon, 21 books
Franz Brandenberg, 21 books
Marisabina Russo, 20 books
Lynn Reiser, 20 books
Nancy Tafuri, 20 books
Helen V. Griffith, 20 books
Douglas Florian, 19 books
Rachel Isadora, 19 books
Charlotte Pomerantz, 18 books
Barbara Ann Porte, 17 books
Nicki Weiss, 17 books
Betty Levin, 17 books
Vera B. Williams, 17 books


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