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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Barry Dreayer, 4 books
Joe Layden, 3 books
Frank Coffey, 3 books
Collins, Philip, 3 books
Dominic Friesen, 2 books
Gary Warner, 2 books
Paul Kirchner, 2 books
Gretchen Edgren, 2 books
Fred E. Basten, 2 books
Jeremy Xavier, 2 books
Sarah Pirch, 2 books
Howard Ziehm, 2 books
Bud Greenspan, 2 books
Forrest J. Ackerman, 2 books
Raechel Donahue, 2 books
Karen Essex, 1 book
James L. Swanson, 1 book
Vernon Patterson, 1 book
Julie Poll, 1 book
Ray Harris, 1 book
Matt Dukes Jordan, 1 book
Donzaleigh Abernathy, 1 book
Sherry Goldman, 1 book
Marvin J. Wolf, 1 book
Dick Van Patten, 1 book

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