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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Emile Borel, 45 books
Henri Poincaré, 30 books
Paul Appell, 27 books
Emile Picard, 27 books
Louis de Broglie, 24 books
Gaston Julia, 19 books
Académie des sciences (France), 18 books
Elie Cartan, 18 books
Gaston Darboux, 16 books
M. Berthelot, 16 books
Michel Chasles, 15 books
Vito Volterra, 14 books
Louis Pasteur, 12 books
Faculté des sciences de Toulouse, 12 books
Eugène Trutat, 11 books
Henri Léon Lebesgue, 11 books
A. Davanne, 11 books
Léon Vidal, 11 books
Geymet, 11 books
Joseph Bertrand, 10 books
Camille Flammarion, 10 books
Paul Montel, 10 books
V. Roux, 10 books
Pierre Simon marquis de Laplace, 10 books
Albert Einstein, 9 books

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