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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Barry Leonard, 349 books
Orrin G. Hatch, 30 books
Christopher H. Smith, 28 books
Richard G. Lugar, 27 books
Charles E. Grassley, 27 books
Benjamin A. Gilman, 27 books
Henry J. Hyde, 26 books
Michael Bilirakis, 24 books
John McCain, 22 books
James M. Jeffords, 21 books
Fred Upton, 18 books
William V. Roth Jr., 17 books
Cliff Stearns, 16 books
F. James, Jr. Sensenbrenner, 15 books
Jesse Helms, 15 books
W. J. Tauzin, 15 books
Linda F. Wolf, 15 books
n/a, 14 books
Andrew Kalinski, 13 books
Doug Bereuter, 13 books
E. Clay Shaw, 13 books
Joe Barton, 13 books
James C. Greenwood, 13 books
Carl Levin, 13 books
D. Peter Drotman, 13 books

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