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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
James P. Gills, 10 books
Larry Keefauver, 8 books
John Bevere, 7 books
Cho, Yong-gi, 6 books
David Yonggi Cho, 6 books
Isabella Macdonald Alden, 6 books
Gary R. Collins, 5 books
Jamie Buckingham, 5 books
Rod Parsley, 5 books
Pamela M. Smith, 5 books
Greg Hinnant, 5 books
Larry Lea, 5 books
Doug Wead, 4 books
Bob Larson, 4 books
Paul Yonggi, 4 books
Casa Creacion Publishing, 4 books
Ricky Roberts, 4 books
Fuchsia T. Pickett, 4 books
K. P. Yohannan, 4 books
Sarah Jepson Coleman, 3 books
Mel Tari, 3 books
Francis Frangipane, 3 books
Charles Brandon Rimmer, 3 books
Cathy Lechner, 3 books
Reginald B. Cherry, 3 books

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