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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gary B. Shelly, 286 books
Course Technology, 156 books
June Jamrich Parsons, 117 books
Dan Oja, 99 books
Elizabeth Eisner Reding, 95 books
Thomas J. Cashman, 73 books
David W. Beskeen, 63 books
Patrick Carey, 58 books
Beverly B. Zimmerman, 57 books
S. Scott Zimmerman, 56 books
Lisa Friedrichsen, 54 books
Joseph J. Adamski, 52 books
Roy Ageloff, 47 books
Carol M. Cram, 45 books
Jean Andrews, 43 books
Jessica Evans, 42 books
Jennifer Duffy, 41 books
Ann Shaffer, 40 books
Misty E. Vermaat, 37 books
Marie L. Swanson, 35 books
H. Albert Napier, 33 books
Axzo Press Staff, 31 books
Philip J. Judd, 29 books
David D. Busch, 29 books
Gary P. Schneider, 28 books

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