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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kahlil Gibran, 17 books
Philip K. Dick, 12 books
Gerina Dunwich, 11 books
Joel S. Goldsmith, 10 books
Stephen J. Spignesi, 10 books
Haha Lung, 9 books
Herbert Aptheker, 8 books
Jean-Paul Sartre, 7 books
Connie Emerson, 7 books
Claudia Varrin, 7 books
Albert Ellis, 6 books
Edward Hoffman, 6 books
Michael Lewis, 6 books
Patricia Telesco, 6 books
Fred Kogos, 6 books
Albert Einstein, 6 books
Diana Rosen, 5 books
Tony Thomas, 5 books
Michael Benson, 5 books
Allan Swenson, 5 books
Ruby Ann Boxcar, 4 books
Willow Polson, 4 books
Dagobert D. Runes, 4 books
Ian Halperin, 4 books
Ashida Kim, 4 books

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