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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Andrew Murray, 29 books
Oswald Chambers, 21 books
Jessie Penn-Lewis, 16 books
Roy Hession, 13 books
Meyer, F. B., 12 books
Amy Carmichael, 12 books
Corrie Ten Boom, 10 books
Norman P. Grubb, 9 books
Nee, Watchman., 9 books
Norman Grubb, 6 books
Arthur Wallis, 5 books
Corrie ten Boom, 5 books
Cyril Davey, 5 books
Peggy Albrecht, 5 books
G. D. Lehmann, 5 books
Lucy Diamond, 4 books
Charles W. Slemming, 3 books
Erwin W. Lutzer, 3 books
Pablo E. Billheimer, 3 books
Wilbur Lingle, 3 books
Paul E. Billheimer, 3 books
Betty Steele Everett, 3 books
Helen Roseveare, 2 books
Carolyn Scott, 2 books
Cecil Northcott, 2 books


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