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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Harold Bloom, 460 books
Tim McNeese, 28 books
Meredith Costain, 20 books
Daniel E. Harmon, 18 books
Samuel Willard Crompton, 17 books
Hal Marcovitz, 17 books
Thomas G. Aylesworth, 17 books
Suzanne LeVert, 16 books
Norma Jean Lutz, 15 books
Rebecca Stefoff, 15 books
Samuel Etinde Crompton, 15 books
Harold Bloom, 15 books
Heather Lehr Wagner, 14 books
Andreu Llamas, 13 books
Virginia L. Aylesworth, 13 books
Fred L. Israel, 13 books
Norman L. Macht, 12 books
June Loves, 12 books
Ann Gaines, 11 books
Bruce Fish, 11 books
Melvin Berger, 11 books
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., 11 books
John F. Wukovits, 10 books
Sam Wellman, 10 books
Robin Birch, 10 books

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