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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Better Homes and Gardens, 11 books
Diocesan Church Society of New Brunswick., 11 books
Tom Meany, 5 books
Margaret Cabell Self, 5 books
Esmé Hamilton, 5 books
Emma Willard, 4 books
Albert Johnson, 3 books
Lyman, Henry, 3 books
Liebers, Arthur, 3 books
Walter Bates, 3 books
Vlad Evanoff, 3 books
John Eisele Davis, 3 books
Moyra Williams, 3 books
Dai Rees, 3 books
Henry Lionel Williams, 3 books
Rich Harris, 3 books
Roger Crosnier, 3 books
Hy Turkin, 3 books
Alphonso Wood, 3 books
Elsie Hanauer, 3 books
Charles Edward Chapel, 3 books
Peter Cowie, 3 books
S. C. Staley, 3 books
Roy Armes, 3 books
Durant, John, 3 books

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