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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Noam Chomsky, 14 books
Stewart Home, 8 books
Jello Biafra, 7 books
Murray Bookchin, 7 books
Jeffrey St. Clair, 6 books
Ward Churchill, 6 books
Alexander Cockburn, 5 books
Howard Zinn, 5 books
Tom Vague, 4 books
Daniel Guérin, 3 books
Chris Carlsson, 3 books
Joel Andreas, 3 books
Ingrid Strobl, 3 books
Matt Hern, 3 books
Joshua Frank, 3 books
Paul Sharkey, 3 books
Iain Mckay, 3 books
Paul Avrich, 3 books
Harry Browne, 3 books
Rudolf Rocker, 2 books
David Graeber, 2 books
Alexander Berkman, 2 books
A. K. Thompson, 2 books
James Kelman, 2 books
Peter Kropotkin, 2 books


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