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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Abraham Sutzkever, 5 books
Irving Howe, 4 books
Mani Leib, 3 books
Israel Jacob Schwartz, 3 books
Aaron Zeitlin, 3 books
Yehoash, 3 books
Itzik Fefer, 2 books
Itzhak Katzenelson, 2 books
Manger, Itzik, 2 books
Hyman B. Bass, 2 books
Hayyim Nahman Bialik, 2 books
Rosenfeld, Morris, 2 books
Joseph Bovshover, 2 books
Angelo Aaron Schmuller, 2 books
Eliezer Greenberg, 2 books
S. J. Imber, 2 books
José Horn, 2 books
O. Rapoport, 2 books
N. B. Minkoff, 2 books
Barnett Zumoff, 2 books
Eliakum Zunser, 2 books
Dov-Ber Kerler, 2 books
Morris Bassin, 2 books
Elissa Bemporad, 2 books
Ruth Whitman, 2 books


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