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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rhonda Gowler Greene, 3 books
Rosemary Wells, 2 books
Ruby Lee, 2 books
J. (Jan) Gonda, 1 book
Wilson MacDonald, 1 book
Susan Blackaby, 1 book
Patricia J. Murphy, 1 book
Nick Bruel, 1 book
Jilly Attwood, 1 book
Pam Scheunemann, 1 book
Scotti Cohn, 1 book
Sloane Tanen, 1 book
Nosson Slifkin, 1 book
Alan K. Lewis, 1 book
Joanne Taylor, 1 book
Adin Steinsaltz, 1 book
Matthias Eder, 1 book
Marissa Moss, 1 book
Marilyn Singer, 1 book
Brenda Mallon, 1 book
Jacques Torres, 1 book
Ashley Wolff, 1 book
Karen Katz, 1 book
Debra Frasier, 1 book
Carol Diggory Shields, 1 book


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