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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Laura Lemay, 16 books
Elizabeth Castro, 16 books
Ed Tittel, 10 books
Gary B. Shelly, 10 books
Bryan Pfaffenberger, 8 books
Peter Kent, 8 books
Phil James, 7 books
Ruth Maran, 7 books
Lynda Weinman, 6 books
Mark Robbin Brown, 5 books
Robert J. Sawyer, 5 books
Galen Grimes, 5 books
Paul McFedries, 5 books
Jennifer Niederst Robbins, 5 books
Harris, Stuart, 5 books
Melissa Payton, 5 books
Ned Snell, 5 books
Joe Kraynak, 5 books
Gayle Kidder, 5 books
Eugene F. Provenzo, 5 books
Canada. Industry Canada, 5 books
Larry E. Ullman, 4 books
Ross, John, 4 books
Fritz J. Erickson, 4 books
Dave Taylor, 4 books


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