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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William W. Hines, 1 book
Jean Jacod, 1 book
Joseph Alan Rudnick, 1 book
Kai Lai Chung, 1 book
A. A. Sveshnikov, 1 book
J. L. Hodges, 1 book
Richard Durrett, 1 book
J. M. Gani, 1 book
David Stirzaker, 1 book
Jacques Azema, 1 book
Farid Aitsahlia, 1 book
Henk Tijms, 1 book
I. Ekeland, 1 book
David Harte, 1 book
P. Meyer, 1 book
P. Protter, 1 book
J. Jacod, 1 book
J. Azema, 1 book
M. Yor, 1 book
Murray R. Spiegel, 1 book
Richard Arratia, 1 book
A.D. Barbour, 1 book
Simon Tavare, 1 book
Akihito Hora, 1 book
A. A. Balkema, 1 book


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