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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
François-Joseph Fétis, 7 books
O. evík, 7 books
Hart, George, 5 books
Yehudi Menuhin, 5 books
F. Mazas, 5 books
Hubert Ries, 5 books
H. R. Haweis, 5 books
Heron-Allen, Edward, 4 books
Leopold Mozart, 4 books
Sol Babitz, 4 books
William Sandys, 4 books
Hyacinth Abele, 4 books
Antoine Sibire, 4 books
Henry A. Strobel, 4 books
Domenico Brescia, 4 books
David Dodge Boyden, 3 books
Louis Spohr, 3 books
John Broadhouse, 3 books
Playford, John, 3 books
Pincherle, Marc, 3 books
Lyon & Healy., 3 books
Kathleen Schlesinger, 3 books
Carleen Maley Hutchins, 3 books
Edmund Schebek, 3 books
Emile Leipp, 3 books


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