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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arnold Ehret, 9 books
Porphyry, 7 books
Carol J. Adams, 6 books
Norman Wardhaugh Walker, 5 books
R. T. Trall, 5 books
Gary Null, 5 books
Otto Carqué, 4 books
John A. McDougall, 4 books
James Rollin Slonaker, 4 books
Eugene Christian, 4 books
Reed Mangels, 4 books
Steven Rosen, 4 books
Sōtetsu Fujii, 4 books
Plutarch, 4 books
Rip Esselstyn, 4 books
Antonio Cocchi, 4 books
Helmut Friedrich Kaplan, 4 books
Sylvester Graham, 3 books
Eustace Miles, 3 books
Jonathan Safran Foer, 3 books
Jules Bass, 3 books
Alsdorf, Ludwig, 3 books
H. S. Anderson, 3 books
Spencer, Colin., 3 books
Suzanne Havala, 3 books


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