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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Patti DeLano, 4 books
Bert Gildart, 3 books
Jane Gildart, 3 books
Holly Day, 3 books
Sherman Wick, 3 books
Russ Ringsak, 2 books
Todd R. Berger, 2 books
Patricia O'Rourke, 2 books
Tim Bewer, 2 books
Lora Jost, 2 books
Dave Loewenstein, 2 books
Tracy Stuhr, 2 books
Denise Remick, 2 books
Carol A. Shaffer, 2 books
Lori Erickson, 2 books
William B. Eddy, 1 book
Linda Kershaw, 1 book
Colleen Burcar, 1 book
Berit Thorkelson, 1 book
Bob Costas, 1 book
Barbara Tomovick, 1 book
Thomas Preston, 1 book
Mike Walker, 1 book
Fodor's, 1 book
John Karras, 1 book


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