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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne Coles-Mogford, 10 books
Archie Drummond, 8 books
A. M. Drummond, 4 books
Lilly Walters, 2 books
A.M. Drummond, 2 books
A. M. Drummond, 2 books
Harold Jopson, 2 books
K. Dulmage, 2 books
Elsa Hope, 2 books
Gaynor Attwood, 2 books
Anthony A. Olinzock, 1 book
Diana Hanbury King, 1 book
Thelma J. Foster, 1 book
Edith Mackay, 1 book
Norma Curchack, 1 book
William Walmsley, 1 book
Sharon Spencer, 1 book
Katherine Duncan Aimone, 1 book
Stanley Thornes, 1 book
Barbara Edwards, 1 book
Warner, 1 book
Duncan, 1 book
Langford, 1 book
Jack P. Hoggatt, 1 book
Jon A. Shank, 1 book


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