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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Marusek, 3 books
Charles Sheffield, 3 books
Brian Stableford, 3 books
James Axler, 2 books
Gentry Lee, 2 books
John Joseph Martin, 1 book
John L. Allen, 1 book
Kia Asamiya, 1 book
Hermann Bortfeldt, 1 book
Kim Stanley Robinson, 1 book
James P. Hogan, 1 book
Eric Idle, 1 book
Matthew J. Costello, 1 book
Robinson, John C., 1 book
Steve Lyons, 1 book
Thea Alexander, 1 book
Xianggan Lu, 1 book
Watson, Ian, 1 book
Smith, Mary C., 1 book
Hiley H. Ward, 1 book
Jane C. Webb Loudon, 1 book
John Thomas Rogers, 1 book
Eric Brown, 1 book
Loudon Mrs, 1 book
Eric Idle, 1 book


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