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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Victor Mitchell, 149 books
Keith Smith, 145 books
Peter Fox, 24 books
Peter Hall, 8 books
Richard Adderson, 8 books
Paul Shannon, 7 books
Kevin Robertson, 7 books
Patrick Whitehouse, 6 books
Brian Morrison, 5 books
O.S. Nock, 5 books
Peter Johnson, 5 books
David St.John Thomas, 5 books
John Thomas, 5 books
J.S. Whiteley, 5 books
G.W. Morrison, 5 books
John Hillmer, 5 books
Graham Kenworthy, 5 books
Brian Garvin, 5 books
Chris Hawkins, 4 books
George Reeve, 4 books
Richard Coleman, 4 books
Paul Anderson, 4 books
R.J. Maycock, 4 books
G.K. Fox, 4 books
Joseph Rajczonek, 4 books


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