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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Danielle Steel, 32 books
Nicholas Sparks, 6 books
James Agee, 6 books
Jason F. Wright, 5 books
David Baldacci, 5 books
Don Van Ryn, 4 books
Salley Vickers, 3 books
Jacquelyn Mitchard, 3 books
Sara Paretsky, 3 books
Beth Greenfield, 3 books
J. G. Ballard, 3 books
Joyce Stranger, 2 books
Andrew Davidson, 2 books
Marie Ferrarella, 2 books
Edward J. Hickling, 2 books
Katherine Stone, 2 books
Greenwood, T., 2 books
Arthur Miller, 2 books
Plain, Belva., 2 books
Frank E. Peretti, 2 books
Spalding Gray, 2 books
Robinson, Frank M., 2 books
Monica McLean, 2 books
Catherine Chidgey, 2 books
Bill Pronzini, 2 books


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