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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Luo, Ergang, 13 books
Êrh-kang Lo, 5 books
Ssŭ-yü Têng, 4 books
Jiaqi Mao, 4 books
Su, Shuangbi., 3 books
J.-M Callery, 3 books
Augustus F. Lindley, 3 books
Jacques Reclus, 3 books
Chuntao Xia, 3 books
Xunchang Sheng, 3 books
J. S. Gregory, 3 books
Chin, Shunshin, 2 books
Franz H. Michael, 2 books
Jian, Youwen, 2 books
Guo, Tingyi, 2 books
Li, Qing., 2 books
J. S. Gregory, 2 books
Yishan Xiao, 2 books
Thomas Wright Blakiston, 2 books
Demetrius Charles de Kavanagh Boulger, 2 books
Frederick Wells Williams, 2 books
John Scarth, 2 books
Jonathan D. Spence, 2 books
Youzhong Shi, 2 books
Yisheng Guo, 2 books


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