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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lucy Gordon, 30 books
Marion Lennox, 12 books
Liz Fielding, 11 books
Margaret Way, 10 books
Caroline Anderson, 10 books
Barbara McMahon, 9 books
Raye Morgan, 9 books
Patricia Thayer, 9 books
Cara Colter, 9 books
Myrna Mackenzie, 9 books
Barbara Hannay, 9 books
Shirley Jump, 9 books
Jackie Braun, 9 books
Jessica Hart, 9 books
Rebecca Winters, 9 books
Fiona Harper, 8 books
Judy Christenberry, 8 books
Donna Alward, 7 books
Melissa McClone, 6 books
Jennie Adams, 6 books
Nicola Marsh, 6 books
Susan Meier, 5 books
Linda Goodnight, 5 books
Carol Marinelli, 5 books
Laura Iding, 5 books


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