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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian Inkster, 8 books
Andrew Feenberg, 8 books
Albert H. Teich, 7 books
Carroll W. Pursell, 6 books
Paul Virilio, 6 books
Francesca Bray, 6 books
Pico Iyer, 6 books
Stephen H. Cutcliffe, 5 books
Thomas J. Misa, 5 books
Ulrich Beck, 5 books
Willem H. Vanderburg, 4 books
Judy Wajcman, 4 books
Rudi Volti, 4 books
Trevor Pinch, 4 books
Nicholas Carr, 4 books
Steven Johnson, 4 books
David E. Nye, 4 books
Steven Johnson, 4 books
Helga Nowotny, 4 books
Daniel Lee Kleinman, 4 books
Wiebe E. Bijker, 4 books
Thomas L. Friedman, 4 books
Howard P. Segal, 4 books
Chrisanthi Avgerou, 4 books
Kevin Kelly, 3 books


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